5 YouTube Channels That Don’t Suck!

You’ve seen the middle aged women who voice babies playing. You’ve watched as your kid watches another kid open new toys. Or how about the videos of people playing video games. There is no end to the amount of nonsense on YouTube. Despite all that there are still some pretty cool channels that you’ll actually enjoy watching with your kids. My kids helped me with the list so you know “its legit.”

Bright Side- You’ll be amazed by some of the things you will learn while watching Bright Side. The videos range from facts about the Titanic to what to do if someone is following you while you’re driving. Watching this channel is an easy way to spend some time with your kids while actually learning something. The videos are not long so it is easy to get through them quickly in the event that you cannot all agree on which you’d like to watch.

Zack King-Part magician part master video editor. You probably have seen his work and may not even know it. He has done commercials for a ton of big name companies including Apple, Nike, and Disney. He makes things fly through the air. He pulls cars out of tablet screens. His wow factor will definitely keep the whole family entertained.

Mr. Beast- The kids and I spent one whole rainy Sunday watching his videos with my mom. We were all amazed. I am not going to lie, I may have even teared up a few times. It is hard not to when you watch this kid and his friends do over the top stunts just to make other people’s day. He has bought a whole used car dealership and then sold cars to people for one dollar. He opened a bank and then gave away thousands of dollars to the people that came in. He is truly inspirational.

Mark Rober- Mark is a former NASA engineer. So as you can imagine his videos are full of what ifs being answered. You will learn probably more than you care to about the psyche of a squirrel in this video about a squirrel obstacle course he built in his back yard . He has several videos in which he package bombs porch pirates. Thus teaching kids that is it not okay to steal and that science can be fun!

Dude Perfect- The videos put out by this group of guys really makes you say “NO WAY! How did they do that?” They have taken the flip bottle to a whole new level. The tricks include making baskets from across their huge warehouse, flipping a bottle from multiple stories, ping pong obstacle courses, and a myriad of other unbelievable feats.

Do you know of some other YouTube channels that don’t totally suck? Please share below.

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